The project AMUKA

Our vision:AMUKA wants to change the living conditions of the disadvantaged and poorest people by showing the love of God in word and deed.
You must be the change you wish to see in the world.  Mahatma Gandhi

Uganda in East Africa is characterized by scenic beauty and diversity and its friendly people.
The country also suffers from numerous problems such as inadequate medical care, AIDS, malnutrition, lack of education, superstition, and many broken relationships in families.
Against this background, Ugandan and German Christians of different churches started in 2009 to think how this change can be achieved. This led to the founding of the project AMUKA in Bugobero/Eastern Uganda.

Amuka is a Kiswahili word meaning “to watch”. We express the hope that people wake up from negative patterns of behavior, take the help for self-help and reshape different areas of their lives. This holistic approach is also expressed in our motto “wake up with body, mind and soul.”
The German magazine Family ( has covered the project work in one edition of 2014: Heilpflanzen gegen Hoffnungslosigkeit


Our employees show villagers how to improve the hygiene using simple methods. They show how (medicinal) plants can be used to optimize the nutritional and health situation.


Through acquisition of knowledge and skills people can decide to change their minds. Therefore, Amuka offers training and sponsorships for children.


People in difficult life situations, especially (orphan) children and women, experience that they are loved by God and have not been forgotten. By the transforming power of God and the growth in the Christian faith, they get new hope for their lives.


Based on the work of anamed (natural medicine in the tropics) in Bugobero a medicinal herb garden was built. This allows access to effective and at the same time affordable drugs against common diseases. The village people are informed about the cultivation, processing and use of the plant:
Artemisia against malaria and to support the immune system in the fight against ADIS, Moringa against protein deficiency, chili cream to treat rheumatism, amaranth to supply with proteins, iron …


The group of orphans and very poor children meets regularly in the garden to hear the Gospel, to sing and play and to learn a lot about hygiene and medicinal plants. The children take this knowledge into their home and in this way actively contribute to improve the health of their families.


We arrange sponsorships that allow disadvantaged children to attend a school where they are taught according to their needs and abilities. Each sponsor can personally get in contact to his or her godson.


In this group, women with different personal backgrounds come together. They learn about basic medical care and christian values. For them sewing machines are available which they can use to produce textiles for their own use or for sale.